Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Lupe Fiasco Does Walmart Soundcheck!

Lupe Fiasco is the latest artist to film a mini-concert for Walmart's famous Soundcheck sessions - The Chicago rapper performed a six-song set that included three tracks from his brand new album "Lasers" (currently reigning Billboard's Top 200 in the US! Congrats!); "Shining Down", "I Don't Wanna Case" and "Beautiful Lasers" as well as some hits from his second album "Food & Liquor", in this case "Go Go Gadget Flow", "Hip Hop Saved My Life" and my favorite Lupe track ever "Superstar". Sick show! I loved every second of it. I wonder though why he didn't perform "Words I Never Said", that song has global-hit written all over it. He should start preppin' everyone for its arrival as it's the next "Lasers" single. Watch in the video below some behind the scenes footage from Lupe's Walmart gig plus an interview.

Source: http://www.directlyrics.com/lupe-fiasco-does-walmart-soundcheck-news.html

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