Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Nicole Scherzinger Performs On French DWTS!

It seems Nicole Scherzinger will finally get rid of that evil 'Flopzinger' nickname - Girl is amassing success with her latest single "Don't Hold You Breath" in the UK where it is expected to debut at #1 today, Sunday (March 20th), meaning 'Poison' wasn't a one-time thing - Besides, this UK love for her new single will undoubtely translate into sales towards her solo debut album "Killer Love" which hits stores in Britain this coming Monday. The CD leaked a couple days ago, and it was really good! Me pre-ordered it already.

Now that The Scherzy has total control over the UK, her next conquer will be France. "Killer Love" will be released there on March 28th, giving Ms Nicole enough time to do promo. In fact, she's already began! Last night, Saturday (March 19th), Nicole performed a medley consisting of "When I Grow Up" and "Don't Hold You Breath' on TF1's hit show 'Danse Avec Les Stars", a show that Nicole won in its US version back in 2010. Good performance! Get 'em French sales too Nic!

Source: http://www.directlyrics.com/nicole-scherzinger-performs-on-french-dwts-news.html

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